Who does she think she is?

If you are a female, you have likely said this before…I’m not really sure about men. However, hold on men who follow my blog…which are a grand total of two I think. My husband…and my dear friend Joe Gala (he is like an adopted parent, and I’ve seriously vowed to him and his wife Rebecca that I’ll take care of them when they are old if they need me to:)).

Anyways, as a human being, Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, therapist, friend, organizer, etc…I have asked this before and I’m sure people have asked it about me. First of all, wow…we sure have many ways to describe ourselves….Titles, degrees, occupations, roles, etc are many of the ways we define “who we think we are”. Right? Some people also define who they are by things they haven’t accomplished, they may say say they are uneducated, unemployed, unmarried, not religious, an orphan, a sinner, or a failure…

I think whether we are on a positive side or a negative side of choosing a title to define us is stressful, brings unnecessary pressure, and can create anxiety in our lives. For example, if I’m a wife, I may think I have to look sexy, cook, clean, not nag, etc. If I’m a friend, I must hang out with my friends, have a Facebook page and like others’ posts, call them 1.5 times per week, etc. If I’m uneducated, I can’t get a job, etc…Too many times in life, we also let our society, Hollywood, or other outside influences from the world define who we think we should be.

Personally, I believe who I am is defined by God. He created me and said that he did so in a wonderful, fearful (respectful and in an awesome way in this sense), and amazing way. Psalm 139:14. He created me in his image. Wow, how is that for a definition of who you are? What does this mean? For me, I think it means that I am created uniquely and for a purpose. My ways, my wiring, my personality, my goals, etc. are specific to me and I should not compare myself to others or let others or things define who I am.

Take the pressure off and enjoy being you. Maybe you need more sleep than others, maybe you need more or less noise than others, maybe you are a mother who works, maybe you are not married…These titles or descriptions are not who you are. Figure out who you are and maybe like me, you will choose God the creator’s definition or not, but either way don’t try to be someone else or something else. Be you! You are special.

As of today, I’m trying to be loving, kind, compassionate, and silly because that is who I want to be,



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  2. Michelle on October 20, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Thanks for reminding me, sometimes I forget about being me đŸ™‚