Our Services


Concord Counseling Associates & Natalie Atwell Counseling provide professional counseling services to individuals of all ages. Services provided include assessment and treatment for the following:

  • Anxiety and/or Panic disorders
  • Depression
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse
  • School related issues: ADHD, learning concerns, behavioral problems
  • Parenting
  • Marriage and family concerns (including premarital counseling)
  • Grief/loss
  • Addictions issues and eating disorders
  • General life transition and other concerns
  • Faith and spiritual concerns
  • Supervision for those pursuing professional counseling licensure in NC
  • Other services for churches or groups such as seminars and trainings are also provided in the areas of: marriage, parenting, lay counseling training, and others upon request.


  • Triple P Parenting
  • Lay Counseling training for church leaders
  • HR/Employee Training: topics include: Having Difficult Conversations; Anger Management; Self-Awareness; Anxiety in the Workplace; Mental Health wellness; Effective Communication; Stress Management: Burnout Prevention


  • Employee conflict resolution
  • Mediation among leaders and/or staff
  • Coaching on how to increase morale and teamwork
  • Consulting for practitioners who wish to start a private counseling practice
  • EAP services and consulting for small businesses

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Life Coaches at Concord Counseling and Consulting provide professional life coaching services to individuals and businesses. Services provided include coaching and planning for:

  • Life
  • Professional
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Spiritual/Faith-Based
  • Health


  • Individual counseling or coaching personalized for individuals who prefer not to be seen in a waiting room due to status, lifestyle or employment.
  • On-call, In-home, and mobile tele-therapy options provided.
  • Option for therapist to travel to client's choice of location.
  • Specialized options such as: hospital and surgery companion service; celebrity/VIP lifestyle adjustment, family-based services;
  • Counseling for elderly or those who are unable to travel to an office: option to meet in an assisted living, nursing home, or other setting with individuals and families.
  • Insurance is not applicable for this service.


  • Counseling offered to students during the school day per request and availability of the counselor/therapist.
  • Insurance can be billed for this service.


  • Request Dr. Atwell to speak to your business, group, church, podcast, event, etc. about mental health related topics and more.
  • To request Dr. Atwell to speak, please email: natalie@concord-nacounseling.com

A variety of theoretical approaches and therapeutic techniques will be used to meet the specific needs of individuals and families including, but not limited to, cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, solution-focused, reality therapy, and person-centered.