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Understanding Transitions

By Natalie Atwell | October 5, 2021

Change is inevitable. We will all go through multiple transitions in life. During the fall season, the leaves in many places change colors on the trees. Some have children going off to college. Some are the ones going off to college and parents of new teens are freaking out of bodily changes… Others are beginning…

The joy on a college campus

By Natalie Atwell | August 23, 2021

Last week I had the amazing privilege to go with my sister and brother-in-law to take my niece (and only girl niece I have…) to college at Liberty University. I LOVE Liberty! Yes, I am biased because I teach there but I also went there for my graduate degrees. It is a very special place.…

Find joy in meeting new people

By Natalie Atwell | August 9, 2021

No doubt, I am a social person and meeting others comes natural to me, but it is something anyone can do even if it requires allowing oneself to be uncomfortable for a minute or longer. This past weekend, I was with a friend exploring the beautiful town of Tryon, NC. We both love to hear…

From this moment…

By Natalie Atwell | June 22, 2021


High heels as weapons

By Natalie Atwell | May 13, 2021

Yesterday, I had a moment where I had to consider taking off my heels and using one of them as a weapon… Yesterday after waiting patiently in line to get gas (here on the East Coast with a shortage, ugh), a lady who I thought was trying to go in front of me to get…

The POWER of physical fitness related to mental health

By Natalie Atwell | April 27, 2021


Responding with kindness to Satan shoes, kneeling during the nat’l anthem, and more…

By Natalie Atwell | March 30, 2021

Over the past several years, we’ve watched people become divided about so many issues. Colin Kaepernick and his stance on kneeling during the national anthem, the Black Lives Matter movement, vaccines, education, masks, in-person church vs. online, politics, conspiracy theories, etc. People love to post or repost stances/stories on things. Celebrities weigh in on social…

I Go Back, how homes make us and how we can use our resources for good.

By Natalie Atwell | March 16, 2021


Say Something, about Technology

By Natalie Atwell | March 16, 2021


Somebody’s watching you

By Natalie Atwell | February 23, 2021

Listen, learn, and share this episode with everyone you know! There is a message in it for everyone regarding human trafficking. It is not scary, but encourages us all to make positive steps to make a difference in our communities. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1378717/7945252