Fighting isn’t always bad…

My niece loves to hear the story of the time I destroyed my sister’s and my Barbie doll house…Seriously, she asks to hear it several times a year for some reason. Being a middle child of two girls is tough but anyone with siblings, I’m sure can relate to this story… My sister and I shared a room and shared a Barbie doll house. One night, we were fighting about something (isn’t it funny how most people don’t even remember what they fight about?) and I was going to tell mom and dad! She pulled my pj’s which were purple and white flowered pj’s handed down to me 🙂 and she let go suddenly. When she did, I fell and demolished one level a time of the three level Barbie doll house setup in our room. It is much funnier now than when our parents came in after they heard the crash…

Many siblings fight even into adulthood, sadly enough. Many families in general fight. I’ve heard of the most idiotic reasons too why mothers or fathers aren’t speaking to a child or why a sister isn’t speaking to a brother, etc.. Mostly it’s over someone’s pride. He didn’t get what he deserved, she was always the favorite, he married outside of his race, she went to college, blah, blah, etc, etc…The truth is no one is perfect. None of us deserve anything honestly b/c we aren’t perfect. Personally, I think God is the only perfect one around and He gets to decide what happens ultimately because He is perfect and worthy to make such calls.

Perspective is very powerful. Imagine if we all had the mindset daily of the following:

-Every good thing we have is a blessing and undeserved

-Ending relationships with family and friends isn’t an option.

Just having the mindset of those two perspectives can drastically change people. If we believe everything is a blessing, wouldn’t we take care of our things, appreciate our health, jobs. etc.. much more instead of complaining and whining about what we deserve? If ending relationships with family and friends wasn’t an option, how much harder would we fight for one another, to get along, to get over stuff, to forgive?

Fight for good! Appreciate everything you have! Fight for your family even if you don’t always agree or like them.

Simple Ways to Fight:

-Fight to communicate regularly with your spouse

-Fight against busyness and peer pressure and spend time with your teenage children

-Fight for a worthy cause in your community by volunteering

There are so many other ways to fight for good…

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the Veteran’s in our armed forces in America for fighting for our freedoms!


  1. Carol Bachl on November 11, 2014 at 1:11 am

    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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  2. Sherry on December 24, 2014 at 6:57 am

    I love this blog! I also realize that this is something I need to work on!