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  • Dear Counselor…How could someone hurt me like this? February 24, 2023
    This is a question many have asked me over the years and honestly one I’ve pondered personally at times. The reality is, the more you engage in relationships with people, the more likely you are to experience some type of hurt. While there are many reasons people hurt others, the majority of the hurts can […]
  • Dear Counselor… February 9, 2023
    Recently, I decided to ask you all what you’d like for me to write about, so here goes Blog for Dear Counselor #1. What is the difference between “being down” for a while and being “depressed”? This is a great question and arguably one many have asked or pondered. It is also a question for […]
  • Does it really make a difference? January 25, 2023
    Sometimes, when I consider the vast brokenness of the world in comparison to the seemingly small things I try in order to make a difference, I am overwhelmed. Sure, I’ve asked many times, does it really make a difference? Have you ever asked this question before? Maybe you have contemplated, does my vote count? Does […]
  • Merry Christmas! December 25, 2022
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas! As I reflect on this year the morning I celebrate my Saviors birth, I think about the tragic loss of a close friend this year, frustrations dealing with difficult people, changes in community, changes in work and ongoing stuff from the journey. You may ask why I reflect […]
  • Giving and Mental Health November 29, 2022
    Did you know that giving can actually help you mentally? Personally, I believe God designed us this way. He created us and our brains to feel the rewards and joy of giving. Here are a few things even secular sources have shown. 1-Giving can make you feel happy by stimulating the pleasure circuits in your […]
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New blog series: Cognitive Distortions-What are they

By Natalie Atwell | October 12, 2022

Your thought life is arguably the most powerful part of your life. How and what you think impacts your choices and behaviors and in turn impacts everyone around you. So for the next several months, I am going to discuss a term used in the therapy world called, Cognitive Distortions. Have you ever heard the…


By Natalie Atwell | September 27, 2022

How do you know when you’ve settled in or when someone you love has settled into a new season in life? Over the past month or so I’ve thought a lot about and written about transitions. Naturally, the next phase to consider is reflecting on the transition. Oftentimes, we do not reflect back on phases…


By Natalie Atwell | September 27, 2022

This is a hot topic and also a controversial one, but for now, I’m not going to talk about what most think this term refers to in certain settings today. I’m simply going to talk about some of the transitioning we all need to do at times. Maybe you need to transition from skinny jeans…

Changing seasons: Preparing for and embracing change

By Natalie Atwell | September 27, 2022

Recently where I live, we’ve had a “cold” front come through (it was 68 degrees earlier this morning compared to 98 a week ago…). As the seasons change, I love to focus on the positives such as wearing boots in fall/winter! There are some places in the world where the seasons don’t change, which always…

Concerns about the Enneagram…

By Natalie Atwell | February 17, 2022

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and university professor, I’ve been aware of the enneagram for many years, likely longer than most. However, over the past several years, I have been amazed at how the popularity of this test has increased dramatically especially within Christian circles. I’m often asked what my thoughts are about…

The dangers of assumptions

By Natalie Atwell | February 8, 2022

Recently, if you’ve read the news anywhere on the East Coast of the USA, you likely heard about Miss USA 2019, Chelsie Kryst, dying by suicide. After the story, I heard many people asking, “Why would someone who has it all jump from a window to her death?” This question assumes Chelsie had it all…One…

Understanding Transitions

By Natalie Atwell | October 5, 2021

Change is inevitable. We will all go through multiple transitions in life. During the fall season, the leaves in many places change colors on the trees. Some have children going off to college. Some are the ones going off to college and parents of new teens are freaking out of bodily changes… Others are beginning…

The joy on a college campus

By Natalie Atwell | August 23, 2021

Last week I had the amazing privilege to go with my sister and brother-in-law to take my niece (and only girl niece I have…) to college at Liberty University. I LOVE Liberty! Yes, I am biased because I teach there but I also went there for my graduate degrees. It is a very special place.…

Find joy in meeting new people

By Natalie Atwell | August 9, 2021

No doubt, I am a social person and meeting others comes natural to me, but it is something anyone can do even if it requires allowing oneself to be uncomfortable for a minute or longer. This past weekend, I was with a friend exploring the beautiful town of Tryon, NC. We both love to hear…

From this moment…

By Natalie Atwell | June 22, 2021

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