Counselor Threads

Apparel with a Purpose - Counselor Threads is an apparel line creating awareness for mental health to impact lives all across the world. With each purchase, a portion of profits will go towards funding mental health services for those in need both in our community and around the globe.

The missions we help or work with:

  • Ukraine: Glow (
    • Dar and Andrew Draper: Ukraine; worked with Ukrainian refugees to provide care giver support. Ministered to Ukrainian refugee orphans; counseling for missionaries


  • Philippines: Northgate Ministries (
    • Ashley Pell, David and Christine M; provided treatment planning and trauma counseling for at-risk girls; provided lay counseling training to pastors and ministry leaders



  • Kenya: Present Age Ministries: (
    • Provided ministry support, training for local lay leaders, participate in awareness events for sex-trafickking.



Inspired by Nature. Proven by Science - No one knows nature like Melaleuca. For more than 35 years, we’ve become known for our innovative natural formulas. It’s a Melaleuca hallmark: natural ingredients fine-tuned for the best results. Our search for better, safer, more natural solutions never ends. We seek renewable plant sources. We search for naturally derived alternatives. We defer to biodegradable ingredients. Then we refine them with cutting-edge science.  For more information about purchasing products, Email Dr. Atwell.


The Counseling Journal: Reflections and other things to tell my counselor

By: Dr. Atwell - Have you ever forgotten what you wanted to talk to your counselor/therapist about? Do you need a place to write down what your counseling homework is? If so, this is the journal for you! You will have plenty of space and will be asked thought-provoking questions to help you stay on track with therapy as you improve your life and/or continue to heal. This journal holds 12 sessions' worth of information, which will help make your therapy more productive outside of each session.

(Book Recommendation) The Five Love Languages in Children

By: Gary Chapman, Ross Campbell - Are you expressing your love in a way your children understand? Chapman and Campbell help you discover each one's unique communication style, so you can better meet his or her deepest emotional needs. From quality time to physical touch, these five "love languages" hold the key to their development and success.

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(Phone) 980.209.6328
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280 Concord Parkway, Suite 100
Concord, NC 28027

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