Atwell Consulting


Our vision is to help small business CEOs, business owners, executives, HR managers, and leaders with the mental health of their employees by providing specialized services and resources.



  • Meet with leadership and assess needs of the leaders and organization.
  • Assemble and provide the proper training and resources.
  • Collaborate with leaders regularly who have concerns or questions regarding the mental health of their employees/team.
  • Produce confidence in leaders to effectively assist employees with mental health concerns.
  • Provide follow-up and/or ongoing advisory for leaders.



  • Employee Assessment
  • Training for Employees: topics include: Having Difficult Conversations; Anger Management; Self-Awareness; Anxiety in the Workplace; Mental Health wellness; Effective Communication; Stress Management: Burnout Prevention
  • Newsletter
  • EAP services for small businesses

For more information, please contact Dr. Atwell: natalie@concord-nacounseling.com